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Frontier Oilfield Services is a Dallas, Texas-based company specializing in saltwater recovery and drilling fluid disposal. With growing operations centered in East Texas' Haynesville Shale and North Texas' Barnett Shale, we are well positioned to meet the needs of Operators who are aggressively developing the most active shale basins in the US today.

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Hydraulic-Fracturing or Fracking

Hydraulic-fracturing otherwise known as fracking, has literally changed the landscape of oil and gas in America.  Once deemed unrecoverable, advances in technology have opened the door to extracting massive deposits of oil and gas buried deep beneath the surface. In turn, this drive for development has led to tremendous opportunity for oilfield services companies that specialize in helping Operators manage critical drilling fluid and saltwater disposal (SWD).

Saltwater Disposal Services (SWD)

Hydraulic-Fracturing or Fracking Drilling Fluid Disposal Frontier Oilfield Services provides logistically sound, environmentally compliant saltwater disposal services to major Operators throughout East and North Central Texas.

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